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viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

About new manson album, lot to say, first part.

In This days I cant stop to listen to the new manson album and is not strange in me, the strange thing is that in every time, I think about why manson leave behind the artistic aspect (manson being a band, amazing booklets, videos etc) and show a more instrospective side, lyrics and nude sound.

That introspection is not a new characteristic in his music cause he always manage to criticize the world, his country ,his status as an artist and person but now is more his status like a man with feelings a man who suffer like everyone else. Eat me drink me was the first nail in the tomb of the Marilyn manson idea, what represents in the musical and mainstream culture.

For me manson ended and brian warner start to speak. Brian warner who wrote about music, who loved iron maiden, the vulnerable boy of Florida speak loud bleed like me and you. The man who heart was broken (twice if we believe the loss of evan Rachel wood) Jodorowsky married Dita and manson, dita almost kill manson and pull out Brian Warner.

Songs like devour connect both last albums. The fundamental help of friends, twiggy in the high end of low.The artwork of eat me drink me is null, photos and the art of The high end of low almost the same, with several pages with the lyrics being bricks, feelings that crush everyone of us. In the new album we are from America is one of the few that remind the direct hit to the northeamerican culture, to that fake ideas. In eat me.. the red carpet grave is similar.The other ones are passionate songs where manson sing and sing, not shout, not use different voices, sing from the spirit of that boy who he think was buried.

For me that’s the only reason he abandoned the whole concept of manson I don’t want to think that his genius ideas are over or he is being lazy about searching band members . Vrenna almost do all the job in this album like skold solos in eat me.

He never abandoned the good lyrics, the movie references. The cd of high end is a film, a film of sadness, tears,blood and a second reborn. In recent interviews manson speak about the importance of a role villain, that villain right now is outside his music only in his persona in the interviews. In both records he is not a villain, not a alien, not adam, not antichrist. Manson still represent that but only in the whole picture in the last albums not.

Manson open his scars to us, now we know him much better and that is very important. He doesn’t make albums just to continue with a record label, he do it cause he need to express himself, to save his life.

Finally, the remixes suck, the acoustic ones, kind of good, but more nude sound it wasn’t necessary ,and the 5 different editions is excessive.

PS:Maybe in some other post I talk more in detail of every song.

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